Center for Public Policy

The Center for Public Policy is the research unit of the Hobby School of Public Affairs. CPP is dedicated to providing scientific, non-biased data and analysis to public officials, business professionals, community leaders and residents throughout Houston and the state of Texas.

Led by Pablo M. Pinto the research orientation of the Center is interdisciplinary, with particular emphasis on identifying rigorous theoretical and methodological approaches to understanding relevant research questions. Research projects are assigned to work teams which include faculty from a variety of disciplines, universities, and research units. These research clusters focus on a diverse array of important public policy and academic issues relying on cutting edge methodologies including data collection and systematization, statistical analysis, experiments and computer simulations, and developing working papers and research memos. These research projects include themes ranging from education, transportation, political participation, energy and a myriad of other problems. Irrespective of the specific issue at hand the approach relies on objective and rigorous methods of analysis.

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